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Категория: Развлечения

Размер: 24.7 MB

Обновлено: 26.06.2023

Разработчик: Glorysoft Apps

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Clap to find my phone is an easy-to-use app that has a simple interface that is perfect for finding your phone, even if it's misplaced & silent. Clap to find my phone is perfect for parents with children who are always losing their phones. People often misplace their phones, so this clap to find my phone app is a lifesaver!

Features to Find Your Lost Phone

  • Clap to find: Just clap, your phone will start ringing & the flashlight will blink. You can set a frequency that is based on the phone's mic frequency.
  • Whistle to find: Just like your adorable pet, you can find your phone by whistle. It smartly enables the alerts feature when the phone is locked & far away from reach.
  • Don't touch my phone: Is your phone locked? You won't have to worry about someone touching it without your permission. An alarm will start when someone touches the phone.
  • Pocket mode: The alarm will start when someone pulls out your phone from your pocket. So don't miss out on this lifesaving pocket mode alert. If the light sensor does not exist in the phone, then the app does not display pocket mode.

Features for Charger Disconnect & Battery Alert

  • Charger Disconnect: Alert tone when charger disconnected. Select Tone to set your desired tone. You can adjust the sound frequency.
  • Battery alert: Set & announce battery level percentage. Set Alarm on the desired Battery level. Change alert battery level from 1 to 100%.
  • Child mode: It can be difficult to get children to focus on their studies, especially with phones. It allows parents to set a break time for their children’s phones. After which, their phones will be locked automatically.

Clap To Find My Phone is an innovative app that offers features like a flashlight on call, caller name talker, SMS speaker, clap or whistle to find the mobile. Set a fingerprint security pin to stop the ringing alarm.

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