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The Micro Business Game

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Разработчик: Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation
Категории: Обучающие
Версия Android: 5.1
Размер: 149.4 MB
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Обновлено: 20.06.2023


Find out what life at Garton Town has to offer. Buy your supplies at the Shopping Center, build connections at the Social Club, and take out a loan for your business at Garton's Sparkasse.

Manage Your Stock

Set your market prices, invest in juicer equipment, diversify your offerings, and never run low on stock to keep your Garton Town clientele satisfied.

Gain Financial Knowledge

Learn how to calculate your revenue, weigh risk against profit, plan investments, manage your loans, and so much more!

Grow Your Team

Hire employees of different skill sets, and manage their workload in a way that suits your needs and budget.

Expand Your Store

Make friends at the Social Club, and attract the right investment to buy more plots, spread out your offerings, and grow your business.

Build Connections

Foster friendly relationships with your suppliers to get a better deal and connect with the decision makers in your community to grow as a business owner.

Built a thriving business in Garton Town?

Time to settle down and start a family!

Learn the art of managing a household budget in our newest release, download our Savings Game on http://onelink.to/s7fn2b

Need support? Let us know at [email protected]

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