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Разработчик: Tilli
Категории: Обучающие
Версия Android: 5.1
Размер: 91.1 MB
Скачали: 1
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Обновлено: 20.06.2023
Ограничения: До 12 лет


Tilli is an award winning, social emotional learning tool that was incubated at Stanford University and is now available just for you!

Join Tilli and her friends for a fun-filled adventure to learn all about feelings and emotions! Every day brings surprises and new things to discover.

In this game, you will:

  • Learn all about the 6 basic emotions with Mr. Wise Tree!
  • Recognize emotions based on real life examples via games!
  • Plant Emotion Flowers based on how you feel
  • Talk to Tilli and Mr. Wise Tree about your feelings and emotions
  • Learn how to feel better with Tilli
  • Practice fun playful strategies every day to stay calm, confident and happy

The more you play with Tilli - the more you have fun and the more skills you build! Tilli’s World is full of gentle learning as it stimulates curiosity and creativity through fun interactive games!

Our strategies include:

  • Mindful breathing exercises, yoga and meditation, express through coloring, playful mini games and many more!

Tilli would eventually help kids easily communicate their emotions and needs with their parents, caretakers, and teachers.

Tilli doesn’t end here! We’re not just a learning app but also a parenting tool.

Tilli presents critical insights about the child’s progress and cognitive growth for parents and caregivers alongside data-driven actionable tips and strategies.

Benefits of playing with Tilli:

  • Build the 5 core Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies:
    • Identifying feelings and emotions
    • Communicating feelings and needs
    • Build healthy coping strategies to stay calm
    • Learn problem solving skills for everyday life
    • Practice empathy for healthier relationships
  • Physical Development:
    • Build fine motor skills (Tap, Hold and Drag items on the screen)
    • Build Gross motor skills that encourage physical movement
  • Cognitive Development:
    • Develop recalling skills with age-appropriate questions
    • Improve logic and reasoning
    • Critical thinking for real-life problem solving
  • Speech and Language:
    • Verbally talk to Tilli
    • Improve the ability to listen to the instructions (subtitles available)
    • Identify different words and sounds
    • Encourage them to read
  • Expressive arts and design:
    • Strategies are created to encourage children to express themselves

About Tilli

Tilli is an award-winning, social-emotional learning tool for early learners that combines Playful Learning, Behavioral Sciences, and Data to drive lifelong, behavioral changes in kids and their caregivers. Tilli's mission is to ensure that by their 10th birthday, every child has all the skills, coping strategies, and mindsets they need to thrive in life.

We love making new friends!

Instagram: @tillikids

Facebook: @TilliKids

Twitter: @kidstilli

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