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Truck Games - Truck Simulator

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Разработчик: Uygulama Geliştirici Yazılımcı Adam
Категории: Симуляторы
Версия Android: 5.1
Размер: 157.9 MB
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Обновлено: 20.06.2023


Say goodbye to ordinary truck games with the next generation truck game specially developed for truck driving enthusiasts! With realistic graphics, up-to-date maps, live truck exhaust sounds and air horns, you will feel like you are driving a real truck. Our game, specially designed for those who love truck driving games, offers a unique experience with features such as long roads, challenging roads, cargo transportation!

You can drive a truck in different modes in the game. You have the option to drive a truck in different difficulty levels such as dangerous roads, dirt roads, muddy roads, mountain roads, intercity roads, Indian roads, Turkey roads, village roads and challenging roads. Also, the truck game is low MB so it won't affect the performance of your device and it doesn't require an internet connection because it is an internet free truck game.

The truck models you will use in our truck game have 6 gears as in real life. With the truck connected to the trailer, the loads to be delivered need to be loaded carefully! As you progress through the levels, your truck will improve and the number of trailers it carries will increase. There are dozens of truck and truck models in the truck game. You need to successfully complete missions to unlock these models!

Truck games should be unique with their features! We have designed remarkable truck simulator features; there are dozens of songs you can listen to in the game. Also, the truck models have a radio where you can listen to real radio channels. There are also side missions in our truck game where you can perform tasks such as animal transportation. The loads you will carry are different in each level and each time you go on a trip you will experience a new excitement.

You can travel across Europe with our game specially developed for truck driving enthusiasts. Hundreds of regions, cities and country roads are waiting for you to explore on our European-inspired map. Players will feel like they are actually driving a truck with realistic truck engine sounds and air horns!

Our truck game has different difficulty levels to appeal to players of all levels. While beginner players can play comfortably, the difficulty increases as you progress through the levels and players face challenging conditions like a real truck driver.

The most important point when it comes to truck simulator is the realistic physics engine. In Truck simulator cargo driving simulation, we have a realistic physics engine, a special engine that calculates the truck's movements taking into account the weight and size of the truck, the weight of the cargo, the road and weather conditions. This way, players will feel like they are driving a real truck.

With truck simulator games you can take control of the trucks you see on the highway, even if only for a moment!

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