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Truck On Fire 2D

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Разработчик: 4SGamz
Категории: Симуляторы
Версия Android: 4.4
Размер: 25.2 MB
Скачали: 0
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Обновлено: 20.06.2023


My name is Samir✨✨, and I'm the developer of the game💻💻! I'm 12 years old😃. This game has a lot of high-quality things that the player will love❤❤❤. like the wheel physics, truck temperature, Engine Oil, Coolant, Transmission Fluid and Much more!🔨🔨🔨. The game has gam, money, Experience system which allows you to buy new maps✔✔ and exchange, money for gam and gam for money and gam for EXP💲💲💲.

Well, the gam doesn't do anything now It Just Help You To Buy EXP, But The gam will be More important in the future💲✨😉.

You can buy new maps to earn more money with big truck's🚛🚛. And also, you can overload and take as many items as you want🚛💲✔. More items usually means more money✔✔.

and you shod not press the gas paddle for too long😓😓, Because it will increase your truck temperature and Also it Will Decrease Your Truck Fuel, Oil, Coolant. If Your Coolant Is Low Then Your Truck Will Get On Fire Like Truck On Fire😓😭😭!

Isn't it a fun game🤔?

So the game is now Free!!! Well, I guess The game Will Be Free All Time😅😅😅?! maybe... So Download the game right now and play the game🛠💲😉!

Any Bugs?

This game was made in 135+ days🤫🤫, It Is Hard To Create This Type Of Game Alone🛠🛠, Actually I Created the Game Alone so It Was Hard For me😅😓... There Were So Many Bugs That My Mind Was Blowing Up🔥😅💻. But Somehow I Managed To Fix Them All Maybe😓😔... Bug Saying mean When I Was Creating Engine Oil, Coolant/More Other. Specially Transmission, Double Wheel Had So Many Bugs😓😭. Like When I Used My First Time For Loop🤔😅... I Was So Happy! I Thought I Created It In Once With Out Any Tutorials Well There Wasn't Any Tutorial That Showed Me How Could I Rotate 2 Wheels Together With For Loop😓🤫... By Adjusting In Inspector Value🤔... I Didn't Know How To Make Them But My Brother Helped Me Learning C# Basics. Which Helped Me a lot. and With Little Bit Of Code Mean 2h/3h Or Maybe More,🤔😔💻 I Managed To Create The 2 Wheel... That Was Nice✨✨✨. Well The Bugs Don't End Here🤫, Maybe There Are Many Many Bugs That I Didn't Notice😓😓. So If You Find Them Let Me Know In the Review💻💲🔥. And Give It 5/5 Stars If You Loved The Game✨✔. Actually I Love To Create Big Type Of Project It Is Hard, But It Makes Me Learn New Stuff and also it gives me Stress. Mean A lot A lot of Stress.. I Said That I Will Update The Game If The Game Gets 10+/50/100+ And It Did So There You Go!🔥🔥🔥 Well It Took Me 135+ Days🤔🤔🔥 , And No One Knows That I Started Making Version 3.5.2 From 12/1/2022 And Now Its 31/3/2022 Little Fun🤫🤫🤫. And I Said The Version Will be 3.5 But Unfortunately It Somehow Became 3.5.2 Sorry,😅😅😅 I Thought To Add More In This Game Like Fuel Pump/Oil Pump/Coolant Pump/Air Filter/Oil Filter/Fuel Filter/Coolant Filter/Transmission Fluid Filter/ Much More But I Thought It Will Be Hard For Me.😅🥺🥺.. But Maybe I Could Add Them In Future🔨🔨🔨. So That's It!

*You Also Can Buy Coins if you want💲💲💲, so you have more money without doing anything.* maybe..

Game Features:

  • Gear Box
  • Gear Box Damaged
  • Transmission
  • Transmission Damaged
  • Clutch
  • Clutch Damaged
  • Engine Oil
  • Engine Coolant
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Truck Health
  • Air Brake
  • Temperature Meter
  • Transmission Struggle
  • Bettery
  • Engine Start/Faille
  • Truck Jobs
  • Other

So play the game right now and let Me know What You Think.😃😃💲.

Download the game now🥺🥺! And it's Free For Now Or Forever!!!!!! Click Download!

Roses Are Red, Violet Are Blue Why You Dont Play Truck On Fire Version 3.9.2!

See I WON!! Download The Game Now!

developer: Samir Ahmed

email: [email protected]

support: https://www.patreon.com/join/muslimgamedev?

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