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Truck Simulator – Driving Game

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Разработчик: Kamz Studios Inc.
Категории: Симуляторы
Версия Android: 5.1
Размер: 58.7 MB
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Обновлено: 20.06.2023


It is a lot of fun to play the truck simulator game and drive your truck on the carpeted road in the driving simulation game. The truck simulator delivers comprehensive experience to the users which it has put in the spot of the top truck simulation games.

The truck simulator driving game is totally developed based on the users demands. The truck simulator driving game has full realistic and eye catchy graphics and the best user experience.

The truck simulator lets you become an expert of real truck driving and you will deliver all the necessary cargo goods at the right time. The truck simulator is a challenging driving game for all game lovers. The truck simulator has realistic and attractive graphics with a real 3D environment.

The truck simulator driving game lets you travel across many countries of the world. By playing this truck simulator you will feel like a real driving of the cargo truck simulation. The truck simulator cargo driving game is full of entertainment and lets you visit around the 3D world.

The truck simulator will let you travel across all the European countries, you will visit there, stay there and enjoy a lot there. Let say the incredible countries and places that you will visit will be France, Germany, Paris, Berlin and many more.

The cargo truck simulator game gives you chance to choose and play any of its career mode as per of your choice.

Drive your truck on the challenging routes, enjoy the friendly environment and living nature in the truck simulator & truck driving game. Play the career mode of the truck simulator and explore so many beautiful places in the truck’s world.

How to Play Truck Simulator & Driving Game

  • Select your desired mode from the list as per your choice
  • Start the truck simulator by clicking the play button
  • Control your truck by clicking the break and accelerator buttons
  • Fasten your seat belts to fix your driving position

Interesting Features to play the Truck Simulator & Driving Game

Select Modes

The truck delivery simulator offers an interesting plenty number of playing modes. So, to play the heavy delivery truck simulator you just choose your desired mode for playing the truck simulation as per of your choice.

Pause / Resume Level

The truck simulator provides a way to pause or resume level from where it starts. This is really a very interesting feature of cargo goods truck delivery that maybe a few other games offer this module. While staying on this screen of the truck simulator you will have choice to resume or replay the truck simulator or want to go to the main menu while clicking on the given buttons.

Adjust Settings of the Truck Simulator Driving Game

This is really a very interesting feature of the ultimate truck simulator & driving game which offers you a plenty number of options to make your playing experience more incredible and colorful.

  • Sounds: You can set whether you want to play the truck simulator with high, low or medium sounds
  • High Quality Graphics: The truck simulator offers you Three types of graphics quality. It's up to your choice whether you want to play with the cargo truck simulation High-quality graph, Medium Quality graphics or with the Low-quality Graphics.
  • Music: The truck simulator can be played with the music volume as per of your choice
  • Vibration: The truck simulator driving game can be played with vibration ON/OFF
  • Notification: You can ON/Off notifications

Truck Simulator Playing CONTROLS

Everybody has his/her choice whether they prefer the touch or to the stirring while playing truck simulator game. This cargo delivery truck simulator free choice to play with Touch or Stirring.

Note: The truck simulator is not part of any official trademark. Any suggestions are welcomed for a better user experience.

Your Love & Support would be highly appreciated. Kindly email your feedback at [email protected]

Thank you :)

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